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Copper Alloy Casting

We are specialized in the production of copper alloy, bronze alloy, aluminum alloy and other non-ferrous metal casting products made by centrifugal casting, sand casting and metal casting technology. We use SPECTRO spectrometer, HEXAGON CMM and other testing equipment to do the quality control. For special applications and requirements, we supply semi-finished products as well as finished products made of high quality special bronze alloys.


DIN: CuZn25Al5; CuZn34Al2; CuAl11Fe6Ni6-C; CuAl10Fe5Ni5-B; CuPb10Sn; CuSn12Pb; CuSn7ZnPb; CuZn39Pb3;

UNS: C86300; C90500; C90700; C91700; C92200; C92700; C93200; C93700; C83600; C84500; C95200; C95400; C95500; C95700; C95800.

The biggest size of centrifugal casting bushing is 3.0 meters, weight is 3000kgs.


 The last one:Austenitic Manganese Steel


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