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Austenitic Manganese Steel

We are the first one specialized in production of wear-resistant materials in high-manganese steel forging products in China, the material including high-manganese forged steel (Forging-X120Mn13) and high-manganese steel forged alloy.

The high manganese steel forging products compared with casting products, the tensile strength, elongation, impact toughness and wear resistance are greatly improved, and the internal organization microscopic defect decreased, density increased.


High-manganese forged steel Mechanical Performance

Tensile strength

Yield strength


Impact toughness






High-manganese steel forged alloy Mechanical Performance

Tensile strength

Yield strength


Impact toughness





The high manganese steel forging axles, bushings and other products can show the excellent performances in harsh working conditions, frequent vibration and impacts, poor lubrication and severe wear operating conditions. they have high breaking strength, wear resistance, heat resistance (especially low-temperature strength) and low maintenance, widely used in railway, mining, engineering machinery, electric power, metallurgy and other industrial and mining enterprises of machinery and equipment.



All the products can be ordered according to the customer's drawing 





                       Characteristics of high manganese steel forging products
High security  Common parts made of metal materials in the moment often encountered strong force and pressure, is prone to stress concentration and fatigue damage and plowing wear and tear, resulting in surface cracks and the extension and expansion of a threat to the safety of equipment. High-manganese steel forging material with high strength, toughness, and elongation rate of 40% to 60%, tensile strength and yield strength ratio (yield ratio) is greater than 2, it can quickly create a high impact automatic transfer of stress, not prone to crack or spread, can effectively prevent part damage. 

 High wear resistance  High manganese in the larger impact load or contact stress, the hardening of its surface rapidly produce and have high density of dislocations and deformation twins have been generated, resulting in high wear-resistant surface layer, while still maintaining the inner good toughness. External shocks, the greater the load, the higher the wear resistance of its own surface, the surface hardened layer is worn, the outer load generated under the new work-hardening layer. 

Self-lubrication  The main applications of the high-manganese steel forging products is its prominent wear resistance, and its self-lubricating properties. Made of high manganese steel materials of the axle and bushing connecting sets don’t need to add oil, especially suitable for the filling oil difficult working conditions. For example, the key components of railway locomotive traction device sets is used by common alloy steel, Under the condition of the frequent shock in the operation, heavy loads, environmental conditions and difficult oil charge, it is easily often adhesive wear and strain, and it can not repair without disassembly, only by using cutting and other destructive means to break down, resulting in unsafe driving and wasting a lot of manpower and resources. Key components of the traction device made of high-manganese steel forging units, the problem is resolved and reduced operating costs. 

Machinability and weldability  The high wear resistance of high-manganese steel cutting it become a problem, once considered "non-processing of materials", heat eutectic carbide precipitation and the emergence of high-manganese steel material became "non-welded material." With the high-manganese steel forging material, its loose organization, shrinkage, coarse grains and other casting defects has been effectively controlled, as well as cutting tool materials, technology and advances in welding technology and materials continue to improve, so that high-manganese steel cutting machining and welding problems gradually resolved.

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